Friday, 14 November 2008

Con Home crows over Islington

. This is rather unfortunate to say the least. Conservative Home reports that;

"Councillor Andrew Cornwell has resigned as Execetive Member for Finance from the Lib Dem administration in Islington. In a damning resignation letter to the Council leader he says:

"The Council remains characterised by waste and inefficiency in too many areas. Excessive spending on refreshments, conference venues, travel costs and consultants. The number of highly paid managers has grown and unacceptable redundancy payments have been made to departing senior officers. You know I have attempted to challenge all these practises but without your full support it has not been possible to make the kind of changes I feel is needed."

Cllr Cornwell feels he had some achievements. He cites a £20 Council Tax discount for those who pay by direct debit and substantial sales of Council owned commercial property. But he still concludes in his letter that unless there is a new approach "not only will Liberal Democrats not be re-elected to run Islington, they will not deserve to be.""

No doubt they wouldn't have to had looked far to find the story; it also appears in the Islington Gazette. Obviously, it's hard to comment on specifics but at the very least it is rather bad that this story found it's way so easily in the public domain is it not??

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