Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Clegg - Tories economic plan 'madness'

. So, the Conservatives won't stick to Labour's spending plans for 2010/11. It at least does set the stage for a bitterly contested election (in 2009 I believe). On a whole raft of issues there is going to be a bitter contest and a clear difference. The challenge that presents to us is finding our own narrative; one that isn't going to be drowned out by the two major parties.

Here, thanks to Politics Home, is what Nick Clegg had to say to the earlier press conference given by David Cameron which he said showed the Tories had "nothing to say to help people now";

"This is the surest way to push this recession into a slump. It's exactly what the Conservatives did in the 1980s. This is the very last thing you should do.

Of course you have to borrow money for long term investment so that Britain comes out as a fairer and more sustainable economy.

To say now…that we should take lots of money out of the economy would be a way of sending us from recession into full blown slump.

We think the way in which Gordon Brown and his ministers spend our money is not the right way to spend it in a recession. It seems to be it’s much better to spend it on fairer taxes, on the elderly."

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