Wednesday, 5 November 2008

'Change has come to America' so where do we go from here??

. The most obvious answer to this question for most people who are bleary-eyed from last night would be too bed. However, let's attempt to move beyond that and look a bit further on; first we have to say congratulations to the Democrats who didn't quite win a landslide but certainly won a decisive victory. At the time of writing it looks like Barack Obama will win the electoral college by 364-170 votes with somewhere around 52/54% of the popular vote. Meanwhile, the Democrat's have extended their advantage in Congress but look set to fall short of the 'magic 60' in the Senate by 2 or 3 seats.

Ohio and Pennsylvania were the 'tipping-point' results of the night; the results which made any lingering doubts about an Obama victory quickly fade. Noticeably these were states in which Obama struggled in the primaries because he was unable to attract blue-collar Democrat support. Herein lies the first challenge of the Obama presidency; to solidify the support of this important Democratic staple. Of course, the coalition he has built extends far wider than that and the wider challenge will to be maintain that coalition and the energy and drive of the movements that have carried him to the White House.

I dont think the failure to reach the 'magic 60' will damage the Democrats too much for now; if Republicans try and filibuster it will not go well for them given the rather sweeping nature of the Democrat mandate. However, it does give them a useful weapon to save for a rainy day and could be a potential thorn in the flesh for Obama in the more medium term.

Obama himself seems to recognise the challenges ahead, making a passing nod to them by telling his cheering supporters that they would 'not agree with everything he did as President'. However, the partying will continue and any serious attempt to measure how this will play out will now be put on hold until some time after he actually takes office. In other words these are questions for another day.

As I have said before this does present us with something of an opening since I see no other party particularly likely or well positioned to capture an 'Obama bounce'. Amid the cheering last night I was told that there would 'never be another election like this' and that of itself suggests peoples interest will be fleeting unless we actually go out there and engage with the mood and win it to ourselves. Last night was a triumph for a progressive/liberal/leftist sentiment and people will sit up and take notice; it's something we can work with and should actively be discussing how we go about.

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Beautiful speeches, well written and executed by a colorful and charismatic man now president elect of the united states of America. there is no question whatsoever many people feel a great sense of hope for unity and change by the election of Barack Obama. In the words of Barack himself, the time has now come for YOU Americans to be volunteers and progressive activists in Americas future. the time is now for YOU to do something as America faces very severe problems in economy,war,global warming and more.

My opinion, in my 19 straight months on the net amongst all the Americans as i try desperately to uncover my science experiments to end global warming-war for oil- alleviate costs for energy- I have found no Hope and assistance from fellow Americans. I believe the change all ask for is because they all know inside something is very wrong all around them- it is YOU. YOU are the problem, and YOU are the solution. In my opinion America drifted into an atheistic secular dog eat dog attitude towards one another and may the best man win.

To all who have shed a tear for Obama win in the feeling of hope and change, here is your chance. i don’t want your money, just your actions as an American trying to find a solution for our country. I risked my life to hand build and survive a one million volt experiment for all of us. I feel successful and the only way to be proven true is to have my dangerous experiment repeated by a credible university for truth. Since it is very dangerous and only several universities even have the proper equipment, i have narrowed it down to Princeton university to provoke.

If you care for a possible solution to alleviate most of the crisis president elect Obama is running for, if not the world, pressure Princeton university(or something you feel) and do something. I try everyday and it is ridiculous and disheartening the amount of no support but rather abuse and ridicule for people who try.

Your choice. Free will. do something for all of us and we all win. do nothing for all of us and the problems get worse.Here is YOUR chance to implement change- what will you do.


Solomon Azar-19 months to a deaf non caring america-what has changed?

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The Marriage of Hot and Cold Fusion


A paradigm shift is about to occur

I have found the perfect energy device-Period. 19 months on net and still no university repeats experiment to prove otherwise- no wonder the global economy fails amongst other ailments.

Solomon Azar

November 4-2008