Monday, 17 November 2008

Cable - government must be tougher on banks

. Good piece by Vince Cable in tonights Evening Standard. He rightly points out that;

"It is truly shocking that, having committed £37 billion of taxpayers' money to recapitalise the banks, the Government has now decided to wash its hands of any further responsibility. It declines even to appoint directors. The undertaking by the banks to maintain a flow of lending and to discipline bonuses has been quietly buried."

Is this not something we should be raising while we are pushing for tax cuts??


Martin Tod said...


We should also make particularly sure that the public have a place on the compensation committees!

Little Richardjohn said...

He has finally woken up to the fact that the banks have been on strike since the fall of Lehamn Brothers.

In a war, they would be put against the wall and shot. And this is, essentially, a war.