Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Brown and Daily Mail in quickie divorce??

. Conservative Home carries this piece based on a Press Gazette report. It says that Ben Brogan, the Daily Mail's political editor;

"comes close to saying that his newspaper has been played by Gordon Brown:

Brogan said that although Tony Blair was seen by many as 'the master of spin', he believed the Gordon Brown spin machine was "even more formidable than the one attributed to Blair".

When the time comes to write a record of Gordon Brown's time as chancellor, I think the record will show that Gordon Brown was phenomenally good at building strategic alliances with certain newspapers, mine included, and certain journalists and using that to his advantage," he said."

From the look of today's Mail front page, the "strategic relationship" is over"

So, Conservatives appear to now be resting easy in the knowledge that 'their' newspaper is 'coming home'.....

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oranjepan said...

What a hilarious story! The DM is trying to unspin itself from the spin it has caused.

It announced some time ago that it wouldn't continue supporting Labour (even if it ever really did and then only because Labour had become more DM than the DM had become Labourite), so they've really only taken a leaf out of the Labour spin-machine's book - ie to pre-announce an announcement to gauge reaction and then reannounce it as news once they know everybody already agrees with them.

That isn't leadership, it is cowardice.