Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Blogbytes; PH100 on our poll ratings and Osborne

. A couple of things caught my eye just surfing round the blogsphere. Politics Home turns its PH100 panel on a question that has occupied some space on this blog namely why our poll ratings are not looking that great. Two key reasons were given;

  1. Our message isn't getting across due to a combination of the media and our own efforts.
  2. The Conservatives/rightist members of the panel rather disparagingly say that we are 'not taken seriously;

"The media is the culprit, according to roughly a third of our insiders and experts on the PHI100.

Thirty four per cent of the panel reckon the Lib Dems are suffering because the media hasn't paid them as much attention as it does to Labour and the Tories. This explanation is especially popular with Lib Dem panellists. Many of the media panellists also think this is the reason as do quite a lot of the politicians on the panel.In a related explanation, fourteen per cent of the panel blame the Lib Dems themselves for failing to get their message across.

A chunk of the panel (twenty eight per cent) opt for other explanations.Of those, several mentioned the Lib Dem leader, one right-leaning leader of a think tank contending: 'Nick Clegg is not taken seriously.'

A Conservative MP has a similar explanation: 'Clegg is invisible and Cable will not be Chancellor. Nice guys, but no power or potential for power.'

A left-leaning strategist says: 'They're just not seen as an alternative Government.'The leader of a right-leaning think tank suggests: 'Vince Cable is authoritative, but I wonder whether people now see him as a pundit rather than a LibDem spokesman. Is he now bigger than his party?'"

As one Lib Dem parliamentarian puts it;

"This is a truly frustrating situation - there is no point in being right but no-one knowing about it!"

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that Conservative frustration with George Osborne has reached the pages of the Financial Times. Apparently;

"One reshuffle scenario doing the rounds would put William Hague, the former leader, in the Treasury job, with Mr Osborne moved to an enhanced party chairman role that would wrap in his other roles as election co-ordinator and strategist."

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