Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Baby P - Brown and Cameron as bad as each other

. This is one of those 'proud to be a Liberal Democrat' moments because both Lynne Featherstone and Nick Clegg have shown sensitivity and sense in dealing with this issue. I actually watched PMQ's and couldn't believe what David Cameron was doing; it is hard to avoid the charge that the Conservatives are indeed 'playing politics' with this issue.

Writing on First Post, 'The Mole' says that Cameron picked the 'wrong fight'. Why?? We all know that Cameron and the Conservatives have been losing ground on the economy, that;

"Gordon is showing world leadership on the economy. He's Mr Serious while Cameron looks like Mr Floppy."

Because the Conservatives are in such obvious disarray over the economy it seems to me that they have decided to return to their 'broken Britain' narrative and that is really what lies behind Cameron's line of questioning. It beggars belief that Conservative bloggers can launch a crescendo of mock outrage then make statements like Iain Dale does;

"If any Conservative wanted a bit of steel inserted into their backbone, Brown did that today. Roll on the day that he is kicked out of the building he no longer deserves to inhabit."

From here to the outer fringes of the internet Conservative bloggers are lining-up to prove Brown's charge correct. Guido Fawkes accuses Brown of being 'emotionally retarded'. Meanwhile, Conservative Home carries a piece saying David Cameron was right to be angry. A Conservative MEP, Daniel Hannan, writes on the Daily Telegraph blogs page;

"And what if David Cameron was making a party political point out of a tragic event? Isn't that precisely what Opposition leaders are meant to do?"

Brown, by contrast, showed his inability to deal competently with any issue that does not include an economic aspect. His dogged refusal to allow an independent inquiry has been followed by a series of backtracking remarks and promises of urgent action.

In short, neither side have covered themselves in glory in this episode and I suspect neither 'side ' will find much favour with the wider public; the big loser will be the credibility of politics and politicians as whole.

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