Friday, 14 November 2008

Against the politics of vengence....

. When I wrote my first blog posting about the issue of Baby P I really didn't want too because I could all too quickly see it getting out of hand. Part of my anger about what David Cameron did was that I felt it was deeply reckless and deeply irresponsible for a leader who wants to be Prime Minister to 'fan the flames'. What is more while it is true that Gordon Brown does have a tin ear I am beginning to feel this issue is becoming far too emotive. So, naturally when people like Guido slammed Brown for being an 'emotional retard' it did eventually motivate me to post.

Maybe this makes me out of touch; maybe it means I lack emotional intelligence in the way that Brown does. However, I feel in a case like this more than any other it is incumbent upon politicians to actually lead and a necessary part of leading is being detached and yes a little 'out of touch'.

The 'debate' on Liberal Democrat Voice rather illustrates my point perfectly;

"Some may think that torturous punishment is too harsh for the three sickos that carried out this appalling abuse but I feel that they should suffer for their terrible crime against a defenceless child. For this case, BRING BACK CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!"

"I do think that Haringey, the NSPCC and society as a whole should be called to account; these evil people should have been caged for child abuse when he was first seen to be injured, why was this not done"

"DOCTORS SHOULD BE STRUCK OFF!SOCIAL WORKERS SHOULD BE SACKED!POLITICIANS SHOULD BE FORCED TO RESIGN,and Senior administrators should be held to public account ! If this is not done the same situation will occur again,and again,and again,and again!"

This is just a selection of quotes. I smell the unmistakable odour of fires being stoked and witches being hunted. Yes, these responses are 'understandable' even 'human' but the question is really should our gut rule our politics and our policies?? No, it should not and no it cannot; call's for accountability are correct and necessary but the people in the above quotes are straying dangerously far from wanting accountability and dangerously close to wanting vengeance.

It is right that there should be accountability and some people should and will lose their jobs. Do people really think that people will think that is enough though? These people will no doubt be targeted and probably threatened and they will have to be protected. However, after that has happened there will have to be healing and I think we should not forget that....

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