Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tales from the blogsphere - Letters ask's where Clegg is..

. I think the below which appears on Letters from a Tory is a wee bit harsh but then again I do think there have been problems with our narrative...something that James Graham deals well with on his blog.

Letters writes;

"Dear Nick Clegg,

It was on reading the ComRes poll yesterday that something rather amusing struck me. While Brown has been hailed a global hero (much to my annoyance) and Cameron has been fighting back with attacks on the Prime Minister’s judgement and record, it suddenly occured to me that you are nowhere to be seen. I mean, really nowhere. I haven’t heard a peep from you in quite a while, despite the catastrophic meltdown of the global economy and the two main parties in the UK struggling to gain support, so I set about doing a few searches on the internet to see what you’d been up to.

I started with the BBC. What has Nick Clegg been saying about the credit crunch? Answer: not much.

So I turned to Google instead, and found that on typing ‘Clegg credit crunch’ the top story is about you being so badly affected by the credit crunch that you have been forced to shop at Sainsburys instead of Ocado. On the same page, I also found John Redwood savaging you for thinking that the basic pension was £30 a week, which caused you great embarrassment in the Commons if memory serves me correctly. Having failed with that search, I typed ‘Clegg economy’ into Google instead. This produced a string of references to your ‘The financial crisis could be an economic 9/11′ soundbyte from such media titans as the Yorkshire Post and the Aberconwy Lib Dem website.

What are you playing at, seriously? You can’t just walk away when the going gets tough and expect the voters to welcome you back with open arms once the crisis starts to dwindle (which could be months, if not years, from now). There are around 18 months until the next election and you have gone completely AWOL for weeks and weeks, bar one soundbyte and a couple of ill-informed remarks. I understand that a third party will find it hard to surpass Brown and Cameron in terms of airtime, but when our economy is so desperately in need of an alternative to massive borrowing hikes, surely there is a great opportunity to steal some of Cameron’s thunder and challenge Brown directly?

The Lib Dems are still 6% behind their 2005 general election result and that’s after a year of Labour freefall and recent Conservative difficulties - what does that say about your leadership? And leadership is precisely what your party and this country needs right now. Tempting as it may be to simply sneak away while no-one is looking in the hope of doing some work behind the scenes instead, you cannot expect voters to flick on their support for Lib Dems like a light switch if and when you decide to reappear. Voters don’t like being treated like idiots. As the third party, you can afford to be more radical, more innovative and more aggressive in your policies than the Conservatives, but you seem totally uninterested in putting together such a package and what’s more, you appear uninterested in the financial crisis full-stop.

Yours sincerely,


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