Saturday, 11 October 2008

Palin into insignificance

. It is the humble opinion of this blogger that John McCain's goose was cooked before his running-mate once again proved to be the liability she is today. Of course, 'Troopergate' won't help but it seemed to me that Main Street anger at the Wall Street bail-out has found it's natural target in McCain. Working class American's were noticeably reluctant to embrace Obama during the primaries but they have now practically been driven into his arms via their rage. Barring a gigantic turn of events or a spectacular mistake by the Democrat's I would be personally amazed to see any outcome other than an Obama presidency. All that Palin's latest stumble has done is add to the air of inevitability.

An opinion ed in today's New York Times argues that the McCain-Palin show is the latest episode in the Republican Parties systematic alienation of people who like in cities, highly educated reasons and on the coast. As well as alienating the working class, the GOP, has;

"alienated whole professions. Lawyers now donate to the Democratic Party over the Republican Party at 4-to-1 rates. With doctors, it’s 2-to-1. With tech executives, it’s 5-to-1. With investment bankers, it’s 2-to-1."

In other words the Republicans have managed the extremely talented trick of losing the support of both the major social classes. It has lost "the working class by sins of omission — because it has not developed policies to address economic anxiety" and the "educated class by sins of commission — by telling members of that class to go away." This more than any scandal is why the Republicans are destined to be defeated in the race for the White House this year; for progressives it will be a night to crack open the popcorn and enjoy all the long Republican faces as they are booted out.

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asquith said...

Agreed. The Republicans will have cause to regret selling their soul to the Religious Right & leaving true conservatism behind. They have alienated educated people & their populism overlooks the fact that the working class (whom they in fact despise) are not as reactionary & moronic as they think/want.

America has probably one of the lowest proportion of intelligent conservatives in the world. & indeed, why would anyone who had even half a brain want to be a Republican? I can understand a clever Tory, but not a clever member of the party of Bush & McSame.

It is a shame because the Democrats have many faults & need to be opposed as all parties do for the sake of their own integrity.

Reagan would turn in his grave.