Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Osborne's star fades further??

. Interesting observation by Jane Merrick on Open House. Watching today's PMQ's she;

"can't remember the last time Osborne wasn't at Cameron's side for the weekly event"

Willam Hauge was the man sitting between them. Interestingly, CCHQ has already told Conservative Home that Hauge sits on a 'policy board' comprised of;

  • "William Hague
  • Oliver Letwin
  • David Cameron
  • George Osborne
  • Philip Hammond
  • Francis Maude
  • PLUS The relevant shadow cabinet minister when his/her policy area is under discussion."

It's hard to see how this one will's my feeling that Osborne is now defiantly a distinct liability to the Tories; had he performed well over the last month or so then he would have probably been able to get away with his misadventures in Corfu. The fact that he hasn't is what makes him a lame-duck but he seems unwilling to leave and Cameron equally unwilling to dispatch him.

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