Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Obama hits caffine poll high

. I have been saying for some weeks that this is all over. Obama is now posting leads of up to 14% in some polls and is leading polls across the board. Including it would seem the poll they all want to lead; that of 7-Eleven coffee drinkers. Voters simply pick which mug they want their caffeine hit in to register their support; currently Obama is on 59% and McCain 41%.

According to the site "7-Election voters have successfully predicted the results of the last two elections;

  • In the 2000 7-Election our George W Bush cup outsold Al Gore's by just one percentage point.
  • The 2004 7-Election results tracked identically with published national election results 51% for George W Bush and 49% for John Kerry."

So, there you have it then....whatever happens tonight it really is all over for McCain, America's coffee drinkers have spoken!!