Saturday, 4 October 2008

No sex please; we read The Independent

. Christina Patterson writing in today's Independent wants us all to stop talking about sex. She values the 'animal respite' from what "what Woody Allen called his second favourite organ, the brain". But, Patterson complains;

"It's everywhere: on billboards selling cars and bras, in films, on telly, in the magazines we devour with our Kit-Kat and, increasingly, in the newspapers we scour on the tube."

I don't know which version of Metro she reads but it certainly is not the same one as we get in Leeds. It is a universal truth that sex sells; if you want to be decidedly clinical then the reason for this is no doubt the release of all those happy, happy brain chemicals that are released by sexual arousal and sex itself.

Sex and politics is always a explosive mix as our dear leader found out when he boastfully announced he had slept with over 30 women. It is something to do with the combination of pleasure and power I think; however, Patterson's article left me rather confused. I have to confess i missed the part of David Cameron's speech where he 'proudly told the Tory conference he goes to bed with an entrepreneur'. Her column poses a rather interesting question; who is more obsessed with sex, society or Independent columnists??

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Julian H said...

Clegg said, I believe, "no more than 30".