Friday, 17 October 2008

Lembit's paranoia....

. Liberal Democrat Voice carries what it rightly calls an extraordinary press release. Apparently, according to Lembit Opik he is the victim of a campaign to stop him becoming Party President. Now, I have seen no evidence of a 'Stop Opik' campaign being organised on this blogsphere. What I have seen is plenty of legitimate questions being asked about his fitness to be President which is surely legitimate in the context of party members deciding who is best for the job.

No doubt his remarks refer to reports both in the Shropshire Star and The Times. The piece in The Times was written a month ago on September 17th. Now, granted the piece in the Star is more recent but why has it taken Opik this long to respond?? Why did he dismiss it then but choose to flag it up now?? Could it in fact be because his campaign is flagging and Ros Scott looks set to become the next President??

Sadly, by releasing this statement Lembit is actually confirming what his critics have said; that his ego is too large and will get in the way of the forward march of the party. Speaking personally, my attacks on this on this blog have been focused on Fernando. I leave the last words with Geoffrey Payne from Lib Dem Voice who neatly summed up why Lembit will only get my second preference:

"I do think that Lembit needs to establish himself as a serious politician and not spend so much time publicising what ought to be his private life."


Anonymous said...

Hear hear. Lembit seems to think that the job is a god given right and now that it's slipping away, he's in a panic and lashing out. If anything displays he's unfit for the job, it's this pathetic tantrumy press release. It says more about this car-crash man than anything( even including his mid-life crisis with apopster who thinks slutty dressing is the norm ) and will put a lot of people off voting for him. He's petulant and angry ( see Peter Black incident at the Welsh conference last week, reported on PB's blog as well as others ) and Lo is also in danger of losing his seat. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword and Lembit is a victim of his own arrogance and monster ego.

Ryan said...

I've noticed that the code you have for LibDig is wrong, try the bits from here


Darrell G said...

Couldnt agree more anon and thanks for the heads-up Ryan :)