Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Election bonanza 09??

. I have previously said that I expect Gordon Brown to soldier on until 2010 but that was then Labour was pretty down and out in the polls. The BBC reports that next years local elections will be moved to June 4th to coincide with the European elections. This move has precedent but something about it made me think that maybe all is not as it seems.

Labour's 'bounce' is starting to look pretty solid although it appears to be in 'heartland areas'. Incidentally this is bad news for us as if Labour can hold-up it's support in the heartlands then we face the real prospect of being squeezed by the resurgent Tories and a Labour Party that is at least steady.

However, the big question is could it be possible that June 4th is at least being kept in mind as a possible date for a General Election as well??

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asquith said...

I believe they should be held in 2009: Brown can stand by his record & tell people to damn him or defend him. It would, imho, be a distinct advantage to stage them on the same day. It would enable people to, for example, vote Conservative in the general election & UKIP in the Euro election, or maybe LD in the general election & Green in the Euro election (that is my idea, but I'd only do it if the elections were on the same day: if a year seperated them it would be more likely to be LD in both elections).

It would send a message to Clegg that he has got to keep me happy because I'm not to be taken for granted. Well, either that, or that I'm a knobhead.

But I would be curious as to how much protest voting is likely to occur in both elections...