Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Coup against Osborne??


Alix Mortimer wrote a piece for Liberal Democrat Voice a couple of weeks ago openly wondering if the Tories would be better-off ditching George Osborne. Now, Osborne is engulfed in a little 'local difficulty' over alleged solicitation of money from Oleg Deripaska. Significantly this week Osborne has been virtually silent while David Cameron has been letting loose his inner attack dog on the governments banking bail-out.

Conservative Home has mounted a vigorous defence of the 'indispensable' Osborne but it is quite clear not all people feel that way; Jim McConalogue wants John Redwood brought 'up front' to work alongside Osborne. The author of the letter, Nathaniel Rothschild, is described on Con Home as a 'close personal friend of Osborne' so why on earth would a close personal friend act this way?? The letter is quite scathing saying Peter Mandleson's conduct was 'nothing' compared to that of Osborne.

One possible explanation that does exist is that there are splits within the shadow cabinet over how best to respond to the financial crisis and Labour's handling of it; the other is that there are senior Conservatives who are discontented with the slight slide in the polls and Osborne's ineffectiveness and would like to see a 'sideways move'. Rothschild may well feel personally slighted by the conduct of the Tories on this matter but it seems implausible to me that he would merely act out of personal slight.

Of course, this remains speculation but the Davis resignation shed alot of light on the rather tawdry workings of Cameron's inner sanctum. I think there is more to this than meets the eye.....

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wit and wisdom said...

It would be a magic moment if John Redwood were promoted. He is an unreconstructed right winger and he is also scary.

It would bring into sharp focus the abject lack of talent on the Tory benches if they had to resort to him.

Bring it on!