Sunday, 19 October 2008

ComRes poll shows how mistaken 'wholehearted support' is....

. Let's cut to the chase; we are taking a battering in the polls. The latest ComRes one for the Independent on Sunday is reported on Liberal Democrat Voice. We have lost two points and on looking further we have lost two points to Labour which confirms to me the trend that our strategy of targeting Labour seats is being put in real danger by a bolstering of Labour's 'heartland' vote.

The other big lesson from the poll is that our 'wholehearted support' for the government and it's bail-out package is looking less and less wise; 58% of those polled opposed the use of taxpayers money to bail-out banks. Now, as Stephen Tall says they may still feel it necessary but at the very least it shows that a more critical approach to how the money is spent is more likely to chime with voters who at best are going to want to know it is not spent on providing bankers with unearned and undeserved bonuses.

David Cameron's rather weak attack on Brown for causing the crisis is unlikely to help him because it does not seem that people are playing the blame game and has defiantly not seemed to convince people he would have handled it better with only 25%saying they feel this is the case. Implicitly this says to me that a large amount of people accept that what caused it was out of Browns hands. Since the Conservatives are so obviously taking the wrong line of attack; a more critical approach to this deal on our part is both politically and tactically correct.

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