Friday, 26 September 2008

Wither the Daily Mail....

. Mark Pack has produced a reasoned defence of his readership of the Daily Mail over on Liberal Democrat Voice. Now, far be it from me to tell people which newspaper they like their dog or pet rabbit to savage before they settle down to toast and coffee but since Mark has bravely made an entire article out of his reading habits there can be no complaint if a reply is written.

There is no doubt the Mail has a large readership but I see that as no reason to add to it. His second point is totally flawed;

"Very large numbers of Liberal Democrat voters read it: around 980,000 Daily Mail readers voted Liberal Democrat in 2005, a number only topped by the 1.1 million Sun readers who voted Liberal Democrat. In comparison, there were only 250,000 Independent reading Liberal Democrat voters and 400,000 Guardian reading Liberal Democrat voters. So if you’re interested in politics, and in particular from a Liberal Democrat angle, all the more reason not to ignore the Mail."

Obviously, these people didn't come to vote for our party due to the superstar supportive coverage they read in the pages of their morning newspaper. In fact, there is no paper which truly pins it's colours to our mast so how this justifies reading it is beyond me. Maybe Mark is practicing a bizarre variant of Trotskyist entrism into the Labour Party?? We will infiltrate the jaundiced hearts of Middle England by reading their newspaper and beating them on the Coffee Break pages. It is great that 980,000 people decided to totally ignore the politics of their own paper and vote for something progressive but I feel no great urge to join them in their snack time reading habits.

His praise for the Mail's journalistic integrity is equally as baffling; the Mail along with such luminaries as The Sun and The Express belongs to the 'Alien immigrants eat my baby hamster' school of journalistic falsification. If there is prejudice and hatred out their waiting to be incited then you can bet a boatload of bananas that it will be leading the lynch mob.

I can understand wanting to understand what your opponents are thinking and saying. All well and good; buy the Telegraph which at least has a stab at not propagating the same hysterical hate-mongering that the Mail goes in for and, for the record, it's coverage of politics is better. Myself?? I read either the Guardian or Independent. When I am in the mood for something a bit right-wing; Telegraph, Spectator or the Economist usually suffice.

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