Saturday, 20 September 2008

Can Harry Potter save Gordon Brown??

. JK Rowling has given the Labour Party one million pounds. Apparently motivated by Labour's 'record on child poverty' Rowling said;

"I believe that poor and vulnerable families will fare much better under the Labour Party than they would under a Cameron-led Conservative Party."

Obviously we never got a look-in which is rather disappointing to say the least especially since Labour's record on child poverty actually leaves something to be desired. As to the question posed above the answer has to be a decisive no; it is not as if Rowling can actually wave a wand and reduce the parties rather huge deficit in the polls. I find the notion put forward by the BBC that;

"her donation will boost Gordon Brown as he tries to calm unrest among party members at Labour's annual conference"

slightly surreal to say the least. However, any other ideas for celebrity donors that we can attract to our party?

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