Saturday, 2 August 2008

NOOOO to a state funeral for Thatcher

. If any of my readers have seen the BBC's rather excellent House of Cards series then they will know that it features in the final installment, The Final Cut, a state funeral for Margaret Thatcher. Is this fiction about to become an unpleasant reality?? Apparently Harriet Harmen is undecided, maybe she is distracted by the ongoing state funeral for the Labour government but in the spirit of fraternity let this blog make the decision for her; NOOOOOO, never ever.

As a republican I feel it is bad enough we have to endure the rigmarole for an unelected head of state who lives at the taxpayers expense and whose only constitutional function is to undemocratically reserve powers to frustrate the will of the people or else cut ribbons and open buildings. You may think that as somebody who is hostile to Thatcher and her legacy of wanton destruction on whole communities this is a natural reaction from myself but there are wider issues. What sort of precedent does a state funeral for Thatcher set?? Will Tony Blair be the next recipient of such an event??

A state funeral for Thatcher would be an insult to those communities she destroyed and would hardly be a unifying event that 'could bring the nation together'. Political leaders by their very nature will always be divisive and should definatly not be the subject of formal national mourning. If she is granted a state funeral it would set a dangerous and divisive precedant which I rather fear would discredit and cheapen politics even further.

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