Sunday, 3 August 2008

Moments campaign - No to Thatcher funeral

. I have to decided to give this blog a more campaigning edge especially after the Davis fiasco...(am I allowed to say TOLD YOU SO twice??) ...and so petitions and gradually other features will be worked that spirit this months is aimed at stopping the farce of a state funeral for Margaret Thatcher; something that, as I pointed out yesterday, is not only deeply offensive to those people and communities that she wrecked but a total abuse of the state funeral without further ado PLEASE SIGN....

We the undersigned note the recent proposals that Lady Thatcher be given a
state funeral upon her death. We feel that the legacy of this individual can, at
best, be regarded as divisive and as such a state funeral is not appropriate. It
should not be forgotten that as a direct result of her policies whole
communities were destroyed. Regardless of individual feelings about her policies
we do not feel a state funeral is appropriate to mark the passing of politicians
whose legacy by definition is divisive. We therefore call on the government to
not allow these plans to go ahead and for a statement to be issued to that
effect immediately.

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