Saturday, 9 August 2008

£55 million for what???

. Today's Daily Telegraph carries quite a staggering report. It claims that in the last year the government has spent £55 million on polls and surveys. It seems that the Department of Transport is a huge culprit, two of the most expensive polls were conducted by it. One, looking at the feasibility of charging motorists for every mile they drive, cost Ruth Kelly's department £566,111. A second, asking the public about their attitudes to climate change, cost £411,500.

Ipsos-MORI, have been paid at least £31m over the last two years are big beneficiaries of government largess. Defending the outlay, a Cabinet Office spokesman said;

"First class policy making means finding ways to ensure the voices and demands of ordinary people are heard and acted upon by Government, maximising opportunities for people to have an impact on decisions that affect their lives."

My first reaction when I read this was WHY and HOW?? Of course, the amount spent is obscene and speaks rather eloquently of a rudderless government. However, I couldn't help wondering how this much could be spent especially in the internet age. The means to consult people without spending such large sums of money on it are clearly there so why are they not being used?? Could there be a better example of how useless this government really is??

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