Sunday, 20 July 2008

Labour's desperate scramble

. Interesting piece on Times Online about the upcoming Glasgow East by-election. It reports how English Labour MP's are being 'drafted' to rally the faithful. Labour's desperation is clearly reaching fever pitch; especially if it is true that;

"Labour believes that it holds a lead over the SNP of between 1,000 and 1,500 votes, far less than the 13,507 majority that the party chalked up at the 2005 general election."

If Labour loses Glasgow East then it can clearly lose anywhere. Luke Akehurst feels that it could be a turning point which it may well be but of what kind?? If the SNP chalk-up a surprise victory then the marginal improvement that Labour has been making in the polls will almost certainly be halted. The official line will be to write it off as a 'little local difficulty' or else try and present it as a peculiarity of Scottish politics but the underlying meaning will be to reinforce the message that was given at Crewe and Nantwich that the core Labour vote has simply had enough.

Labour's essential problem is this; although there have been recent signs that David Cameron has been opening up the 'demon eyes' line of attack with some of his recent pronouncements Labour's core vote is becoming increasingly less sure that 'it's' government is listening or is indeed best placed to represent it's interests. While it might still be weary of the Conservatives (rightly so in my view) it is weary of Labour too; this presents the Liberal Democrat's with a clear opportunity to offer a home to these voters.

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