Saturday, 5 July 2008

Glasgow East - Labour in chaos

. Labour has failed to select a candidate in Glasgow East after the favourite, Local councillor George Ryan, pulled out citing family reasons. Another local councillor, Steven Purcell, is expected to take his place.

Although Glasgow East is the safest Labour seat in Scotland, with a majority of 13,500, the prospects of anything other than a smooth victory must surely be unnerving Downing Street after losing Crewe and Nantwich and the fifth place humiliation of Henley.

Could Glasgow East turn against Labour and deepen the crisis of Gordon Brown's leadership??


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dirty european socialist said...

Vote Margaret Curran Scottish Labour on july 24th. They brought the commonwelath games to the nation.
Plus 3000 jobs have just been introduced via the decision to build aircraft carriers in the city.
Plus The PM was born in Glaswgow
Plus the mini wage, tax credits and 11 years of economic growth.
Galloway is a man to trust a great man. The fact we have his support is great news. :
1. If SNP win an english man will end up becoming PM. Vote SNP vote for the English pm.
LOL Only a complete NAZI would insult me for this