Friday, 4 July 2008

Conservatives 'seriously split' on green policies

. Interesting piece by Andrew Rawnsley on Politics Home. It's panel the PHI100 feel that there is a serious schism in the Conservative Party over green policies. It cites the example of Tim Yeo, the Tory chairman of the Environmental Audit Committee, who said that the Conservatives were broadly in support of Government plans to raise green taxes who was contradicted by Chris Grayling, a member of the Shadow Cabinet, who distanced the Tories from those remarks.

1% of the panel think that there is unanimity within the Tories over the environment. The rest think they are split to varying degrees with 43% saying that there was an 'unbridgeable divide' over the importance of green issues. However, 56% that while these differences exist they would not cause 'serious problems' for David Cameron.

One panellist said;

"There is still a rump of the party that is viscerally hostile to eco-politics, which it sees as lefty."

while another said that the divisions could be as big as those over Europe. Interesting that potential hair-line fissures are now appearing in areas of Tory policy...will this damage their changes of forming a coherent narrative??


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