Saturday, 14 June 2008

We, the undersigned...

. "We, the undersigned note with scepticism the recent resignation of Shadow Home Secrertary David Davis. We note that his campaign will be receiving no financial and logistical support from the Conservative Party and therefore feel that in fact his resignation is the result of internal wrangling within the Party.

While we share his concerns about the recent passage of legislation to extend the limit of pre-charge detention to 42 days for terror suspects. We also share his concerns about this governments attacks on civil liberties. However, we do feel that he is not the best representative of our concerns. If Mr Davis is serious about building a cross-party coalition on this issue we call on him to prove that and tender his resignation from the Conservative Party.

However, we, as Liberal Democrat members/supporters feel that these concerns would be best represented by the election of a Liberal Democrat MP and call on the leadership to reconsider it's position to not stand a candidate. "

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Duncan Borrowman said...

"However, we do feel that he is not the best representative of our concerns."
Especially given his support for the death penalty!

Arwen said...

Yep ... not the best representative by any stretch. Well done on the petition.

Manfarang said...

I'm willing to stand as an Independent Liberal if anyone else isn't.