Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ramblings on Henley and Blog Nation....

. No substantive post's due to a rather hectic schedule so sorry. Please don't let me slip into bad habits and become a irregular poster. Yesterday I attended Liberal Conspiracy's Blog Nation event which was very interesting. Apologies for late entry by the way courtesy of First Capital Connect. The event was very useful and worthwhile and it was nice to put names to faces; I did however feel it was slightly too short and I would suggest that as a follow-up a weekend event ought to be considered.

I like Liberal Conspiracy alot both the concept and the site and I feel that it could be a serious political force on the liberal/left establishing a punchy campaigning online presence. The left, speaking in a broad non-party sense, is entering a period of fluidity caused by the decomposition of Labour and I think that increaseingly as we move into a period of Conservative domination of politics there will be alot more 'huddling together' on the left and willingness to cross party lines. Common ground that exists right from the Labour left, across the Green's and right to Liberal Democrats is definatly worth exploring and finding.

The debates and opportunties that this will open up will no doubt be challenging and I think the debate in the second half around female blogging was symptomatic of how challenging it can be to cohere different networks, agendas and loyalties (I am thinking of those who are Party-alingned) behind one banner. It has to be about dialogue and a two-way dialogue at that and a willingness to come together where necessary and practicable.

Moving onto a more pressing issue for Lib Dems; the Henley result I have to confess I wont be staying up-late. For me the key is which way the deserting Labour voters will swing; if they swing to the Tories this is a bad night for the Lib Dems, it will mean more work has to be done to open up a dialogue with this group. This is the most sensible thing to do; Labour voters are the group 'in-motion' ie, actively looking for another home. Conservative voters are not and are unlikely to switch to us; why on earth would they?? There Party is on it's way to government; it is popular again and now is not exactly the time to desert that particular ship.

I don't expect us to win in Henley; the only way we can is to command the majority of Labour defectors and I am not sure we will do that- a good result is to rein in the Conservative Party and at least maintain the vote we have; a bad result is any kind of increase in the Tory majority with a substantial increase being a disaster. We shall see at 3....

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Jim Jay said...

Yes, it was good, and it was nice to see you again after all these years!