Sunday, 29 June 2008

Prologue - Fiction

. The inspiration for this was quite simple...War and Peace but I wanted to bring it up to date...I love the concept of different narratives interweaving against the backdrop of one big any case. this was meant to be the prologue to an epic telling the story of an armed conflict between the US and a (much) more united Europe and how it effected the lives of different people....


Walking through the centre of town on his lunch break Dave noticed something odd, a huge crowd of people were gathered around the window of Sharps electrical store. Puzzled he wandered across to see if he was missing out on a special offer.


Despairingly staring at the dregs of his last pint Klaus gave up on finding the glass miraculously full and let his eyes roll across to the big screen.

It was showing highlights of Bayer Leverkussen upsetting the mighty Bayern Munich. Just as Bayer were about to double their lead the screen went blank...


Susan wondered what was wrong now. Daniel was shrieking his head off. What was the point of having a TV if it didn't entertain the little one and give her at least a few moments peace? Trying to conceal her anger she blazed into the living room. On the TV was some news program. No wonder he was upset.

"For Christ's sake, what are they doing taking the kiddies programs off for this!" She flicked channels to no avail. On each and every channel there was the same oaken desk with a solemn figure sitting behind it.


Sitting in the high backed wooden chair Alexander Lupskey couldn't help but feel nervous. He was an accomplished politician, one of the most powerful men in the world but even he was still only human. The eyes and ears of an entire continent and beyond were on him. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the producer giving him a thumbs up. Momentarily he smirked at how universal some language was and then quickly readjusted his face to project just the right level of solemnity.

In his broken English he begun:

"Citizens of Europe, it is my solemn duty to appear before you today and announce the occurrence of significant events in this history of this continent and the world. When you chose me to be your representative on the world stage it was an unprecedented event in the history of our continent. Europe's first presidential election was a testament to how peaceful unity has flourished on these once war ravaged shores through a shared commitment to fraternal values of freedom and democracy. Seeking your vote, I made it clear that things would change. Our great and proud continent, the one that gave the world all of its major empires beginning with Rome, would take the centre stage in world affairs as a leading representative of the new world order of democracy and freedom.

"As you are all aware our world has suffered greatly from the ravages of terrorism. These notions, along with those of decency and tolerance, have come under sustained attack from people with no regard for the sanctity of human life. All nations have taken their place in the fight against this menace however, some have rapidly turned defence into offence; undermining the very ideals they profess to defend. Nearly two years ago, the secret services of the worlds 'leading' power, the United States of America, were clearly implicated in a conspiracy to bring down the elected government of Germany. To this day no official denial of CIA involvement has been forthcoming, a fact that reveals all we need to know about validity of the accusations. In response to this the German government and indeed the European Federation itself sought assurances from the American authorities that no such action would ever be taken again.

"Furthermore we sought a timetable for the phased withdrawal of all American forces from European soil. Not only had the US administration totally overstepped the mark in Germany but the growing unity and strength of our continent, embodied in the European Defence Force made such a presence totally unnecessary. After much procrastination and prevarication on the part of the White House these negotiations made absolutely no headway continued to make no progress. I promised that this situation would no longer be tolerated; this matter would be resolved quickly and decisively.

"Last week signalled the final collapse of talks between myself and Mr Lehman, the American president, with the latter's withdrawal from negotiations after barely 12 hours of talks. Following this, I met with the Cabinet of Nations yesterday. It was decided that negotiations would yield no further result. To make it clear that we will tolerate no further compromising of either European or national sovereignty we unanimously agreed that all American bases on European soil would be permanently closed. In the early hours of this morning soldiers from the EDF, in co-operation with local authorities, carried out this order. American personnel are being detained and questioned with regard to various inquiries. Needless to say, they will be treated as per international law regarding the treatment of such prisoners.

"At this point I would like to praise the courage and professionalism of the EDF and the local bodies involved. Their iron will and planning to the highest possible standard ensured casualties on both sides were minimal. Europe can be proud of it's brave soldiers. For a long time America was accepted the world over as the standard bearer for the ideals of freedom and democracy. This is no longer the case; even friendly critics of America's 'war on terror' are automatically branded as enemies of the American state. Nation's are trampled on or interfered with no regard for the basic rights or freedoms of their people. Under the cloak of 'defence of freedom' its subversion and destruction are now the norm, Thus, free nations of the world no longer have any option but to view the American nation as the enemy.

"No longer will America be allowed to sully the banners of freedom and democracy with imperial contempt for the freely expressed will of the people. A single nation cannot have a monopoly on values that belong to all peoples of the world. Governments of the people will no longer hesitate to legitimately challenge and defend against themselves against the actions taken by American government. It should be needless to say that armed resistance under these circumstances is both legitimate and fully in accord with the principles and letter of international law. Innocent American personnel have nothing to fear.

"However, the guilty will be found and punished and self-serving 'national interest' will not be allowed to disrupt the rule of law. The EDF has been told it may use any means necessary to defend itself against any hostile incursion. All member states have placed their National Guards under my command as a sign of their commitment to a robust defence of these shores. People of Europe, support your national and federal governments as they make a stand for the principles enshrined in the Federal European Constitution. Now is not the time to waver, debate and question. Now is the time to stand firm against all enemies of freedom and democracy. Peoples of free nations the world over, now is the hour. At the earliest possible opportunity I will be convening a meeting of the governments of all nations who wish to see the rule of law in the service of democracy and freedom restored to international affairs. Together we will build a new world order based on our shared ideals and common humanity and sweep the old one into the gutter of history, where it belongs."

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