Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Poll shows Clinton as much a burden as a blessing

. Real Clear Politics details an interesting Associated Press-Yahoo poll which shows that the argument that if Barack Obama picks Hillary Clinton as his running mate it could damage his chances of beating John McCain is a valid one. It showed 32% of independent respondents expressing a 'strong dislike' of Clinton. Unsurprisingly she is deeply unpopular with Republicans; something that could help solidify them behind a candidate their relationship is at best ambivalent with., 67% have a 'strongly unfavourable view of Clinton. However, this is 24% more than say the same about Obama which raises the possibility that without hatred of Clinton to motivate them more might be tempted to sit on their hands in the upcoming Obama-McCain match-up.

She is more popular with white Democrats, Hispanics and Catholics but interestingly the poll; " shows little difference in how favorably the two are viewed by several other groups Clinton won during the primaries, including working-class whites, people over age 65 and women." In other words, key demographics for the Democrat's might well return to the fold whether she is on the ticket or not. The same may well be said of Hispanics where polls have given Obama a commanding lead over McCain.

Normally the issue of the vice-presidency wouldn't be a huge one but you can't help feeling that if Clinton was on the ticket then the issues surrounding her would eclipse the Obama's candidacy.


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