Friday, 6 June 2008

'Next-Gen' Tory MP's will lower abortion limit

. Conservaitve Home has conducted an interesting survey of Conservative candidates who are now eagerly expecting to be swept into office on the crest of a Cameron wave. It emailed 225 candidates and the first results, published on the basis of 107 replies' confirmed that an incoming Conservative government will be much more restrictive of abortion. It found "85% support a more restrictive abortion law."

In terms of the time limit for abortions to be performed it found a majority in favour of 20 weeks or less. Amazingly this is taken as a sign on Con Home that these candidates are, in the words of Nadine Dorries, "wired to the public mood" outside the "Westminster bubble". I can't help but feeling they are in a rather different bubble of Conservative Home and Daily Mail editorials.


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