Sunday, 1 June 2008

Henley Conservatives attack Lib Dem 'outsider'

. Oh dear. Remember all those morally outraged Tories who laid into Mark Pack on Liberal Democrat Voice for his piece on Edward Timpson?? I will not pretend that I did not have some sympathy with their complaints...however, one wonders how they feel looking at the latest literature from Henley Conservatives which Conservative Home kindly provides us with a snapshot of; it attacks Stephen Kearney as being "not local - he comes from South West Devon".

It is a vicious attack on the Liberal Democrats for "for dumping their local candidate" and replacing her with an "outsider". So, the Conservatives are not above a little bit of parochial 'localist' baiting when the cookie crumbles. As I said on the thread from the Timpson article, a candidates 'local' pedigree really should not be an electoral issue. Personally, i would much rather have somebody representing me who experienced more than one geographical locality in their lifetime and rather than replying to the Conservatives on their own terms this is what we should emphasise.

Meanwhile, Conservative Home highlights what it itself calls a "bit of mischief", a story in the Independant on Sunday which suggests David Cameron is ready to offer Nick Clegg Home Secretary in return for "supply and confidence". Interesting that a left-leaning paper is chosen for this kind story; maybe the last time this issue arose it's appearance in the Daily Telegraph stretched it's credibility. However, this does show that the Tories are prepared to pursue a 'twin-track' strategy of both ripping into the Liberal Democrats and 'love bombing' their support by insisting they are the 'really Liberal Democrats' (who can forget Eric Pickles on election night in Crewe and Nantwich). Maybe, just maybe, they feel a little threatened....



Alasdair W said...

Having just been in Henley on Saturday as I was posting I saw some of the Conservate 'in touch' newsletters. Yes their campaign is quite rediculious and they are acting in fear of loosing the seat. I don't think their arguement of 'not a local man' cam stand up well against our material. Which having seen it and bundled it, is absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I have never made any secret of the fact that I thought that the policy of 'dumping' existing candidates and replacing them with 'the chosen ones' as by election's is a terrible one. So much for loyalty. As for the other parties doing it then calling us for doing it - aint we supposed to be different? Lets act like it then.