Wednesday, 11 June 2008

DUP saves government; sells liberty

. So, the government won the 42-day vote by a whisker. 9 votes was the government majority, in other words it won victory with the purchased votes of the DUP. It has done so with widespread public support and it may well be rewarded with a slight poll bounce. The support the measure received within the wider public shows that the reactive politics of fear trump reasoned argument and should send a warning to those people who wish to defend our civil liberties. It shows that, to put it bluntly, we need to make our case and be more forceful in doing so; people need to see how legislation like this impacts their lives and sets a dangerous precedent for the erosion of every single person's liberty.

The debate was lively with good contributions from all sides of the House; something which showed a clear coalition of opposition to these proposals. Chris Huhne and Sir Menzies Campbell made impassioned contributions for the Liberal Democrats as did Diane Abbot from the Labour side, at least showing their may be some decent people left on the government benches. She rightly questioned what Parliament was for if not to represent those communities that will potentially suffer most from this new legislation.

A number of speakers expressed the danger that these measures put us in danger of becoming the very thing we are fighting; that danger has been clear and present since 9/11 and it is now manifesting itself in various ways. Kudos to the 37 Labour MP's who did rebel. Now the battle continues onto the House of Lords....


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