Monday, 2 June 2008

Clinton's campaign sends mixed signals

. When will Hillary Clinton bow to the inevitability of the end of her campaign for the Democratic nomination?? Will she ever see the light and manage to clamber over her own ego for long enough to accept it's over?? Maybe there are some signs she is starting to see the reports that campaigning in South Dakota she said;

"I'm just very grateful we kept this campaign going until South Dakota would have the last word, What South Dakota decides tomorrow will have a big influence in what people think going forward."

South Dakota and Montana hold the final two primaries Tuesday, with 31 delegates at stake but Barack Obama is widely expected to carry both states. Even her own advisers privately predicted she would lose both contests, and she is planning to hold her primary night rally in New York City after a meeting with advisers at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y. Staffers who have worked for her on the ground in the final primaries have been invited to attend Clinton's speech in New York.

However, Harold Ickes denied the staffers weren't being fired or bid farewell;

"There are no more primaries so there is nowhere to send them."

Clinton's slim hopes now rest with persuading nearly 80% of the reamaining superdelgates to back her.


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