Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bush pushes forward colanisation of Iraq

. I have to say that I feel Iraq is a forgotten story which is rarely considered worthy of front-page news anymore. This is not the case in America where it still receives an awful lot of column inches. Geroge Bush is currently continuing to press forward with a deal which will effectively mean Iraq becoming a colony of America. Karl Meyer has an excellent piece in the New York Times which savages the deal as a repeat of past mistakes. Specifically he compares it too the failed treaty between Britain and Iraq in 1930 which led to a wave of nationalist backlash.

The deal would provide for as many as 58 American military bases and control of Iraqi airspace. It would grant immunity from Iraqi laws to American military personnel and empower American officials to detain suspected terrorists without the approval of Iraqi authorities. Since Iraqi law would no longer hold sway over it's airspace or the actions of American troops it is hard to see how it will be able to establish authority over it's own citizens.

It gives the lie to all those who said this war was about liberating Iraq and is the embodiment of the neo-conservative doctrine on the establishment of a Pax-Americana. All of which cannot help but make you wish for the speedy eviction of Bush from the White House and his replacement by a candidate committed to bringing the occupation of Iraq to an end.


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