Saturday, 28 June 2008

Another one bites the dust...,.

. This time it is the Labour Party that has fallen victim to the unwritten rule that every time I leave my home for an away break a high profile political resignation takes place (which makes it logically the Lib Dems turn next, I can see the restraining orders coming already).

Wendy Alexander has resigned following the decision of Scottish Parliament's standards committee that she failed to declare donations to her leadership campaign on her register of interests and it's recommendation that she be banned from the Scottish parliament for one day. Alexander complained on the BBC that the decision was "partisan". She claims that clerks to the standards committee wrongly told her it was unnecessary to declare donations.

MP's (or in Alexander's case, MSP's) caught in this kind of bind seem to be claiming that the rules are 'too complex' and this was the Cameron defence of his MEP's. However, is it overly harsh of me not to buy into this?? I would imagine it would be their duty to actually make sure they fully understood the rules; it is not as if they are a local activist who has to grapple with balancing the books for their candidate. Many have a background in business or law so really what is the excuse??

One bright spot for Gordon Brown is that Alexander will not be vacating her Paisley North seat so no by-election looks like he will not be as lucky in Glasgow North. This is truly a government of crisis and you get the feeling that a really strong gust of wind will capsize it.....

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