Saturday, 7 June 2008

Angling for second slot....

. So, Hillary Rodham Clinton has finally bowed to the inevitable and bowed out of the race to be the Democratic nominee for the White House. I have written before that I didn't expect her too given her previous form - granted, she has but her glowing words for Obama and offering her support do little to impress me; nor do they convince me she has suddenly 'seen the light' and realised the Democrat chances in November matter more than her own personal career. Call me cynical but I have two words for those who are impressed 'Vice President'.

Remember this is the women who attacked Move On; praised John McCain in a bid to bolster her own credentials; made numerous infamously silly remarks, including alluding to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy to justify her own prolonging of the inevitable; launched the infamous '3 AM' ad, etc etc. Is it any wonder that Democrats started seriously to wonder if her campaign towards the end was in effect a 'spoiler' to pave the way for 2012?

Opportunist Clinton may be but entirely stupid she certainly isn't; anything less than her speech today would have seen her immediately exiled within the Democratic Party. It would have also given Obama a handy excuse to ignore her pleadings for second slot on the ticket but, as I said, she isn't stupid. Now, he faces a tricky dilemma one which my own feelings are rather mixed on; on the one hand having her name on the ticket might go some way to unifying the core Democratic vote. On the other it may well spark revulsion from the 'New Democrats' who have gravitated to his campaign and although this will most likely not result in their defection to McCain it could dim much needed activist zeal.

The same cannot be said of Clinton's ex supporters who in exit polls have consistently shown their willingness to defect. This campaign is truly pivotal for the Democratic Party as a whole; can it retain the loyal support of it's core vote and blend those new to it into that mix?? My feeling ultimately is that Obama would be wise to overlook her for the 'VP' spot but find a candidate who does appeal to the Democrats traditional support. It is the opinion of this writer that it is a crying shame Al Gore isn't in the running...


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