Friday, 13 June 2008


. Some uncomfortable questions for anybody who thinks David Davis is a 'man of principle';

1) Why has he resigned from the position he was most able to change that policy from?

2) Why is the Conservative Party not funding his campaign?

3) Why are spokespeople for the Conservative leadership saying at every juncture this is a 'personal campaign'?

4) Why is it that already his resignation is the catalyst for the Daily Telegraph to say it has;

"Raised questions about the way the Conservative Party is being managed. It is no secret at Westminster that the top of the party is run by a small clique of which Mr Davis was no part".

5) Why are we giving this man the time of day given his previously recorded statements on other issues; given the fact that this move is not a 'principle stand' but in fact an assault on the Conservative Party leadership, an attempt to strengthen his own hand in the internal party dynamic?

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