Monday, 19 May 2008

Welcomed with open arms??

. My thoughts on the coalition conundrum are below but I thought it quite relevant to venture to Conservative Home and see how the 'other side' saw us:

Some were supportive...

"Clegg is most definitely on the right of his party, and though that still makes him somewhat to the left of Dave's Tories, he's still much more in line with the historic Liberal tradition that we're quite familiar with. The two parties arguably have a lot more in common on their good sides than either would like to admit..."

....said Nizhinsky. However, several posters simply felt that the offer of a coalition was unnecessary.....and most were just downright hostile. Treacle lamented;

"Callaghan was ruined by being tainted with the Liberal coalition.

Love bomb their supporters? Fine. But the Lib Dem party? Shoot it for the mangy dog it is while we have the chance...."

Joe James Broughton had a similarly dim view of our party;

"The Lib Dems are a deeply unpleasant and dishonest party who would blackmail the country with great damage to our constitution.They need to be crushed, not accommodated.

I would say the split of opinion was tilted in favour of the hostile or the indifferent. Whatever the leaderships of both parties too they will have to maintain the loyalty of their activist bases and it appears that would be tricky for both David Cameron and Nick Clegg.


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