Thursday, 29 May 2008

Tories meeting with unions

. Earlier this week I blogged about Cameron cuddling up to the City but it seems he is also seeking to build more cordial relations with the trade unions. The Guardian reports that the Conservative party's new trade union envoy, Richard Balfe, claims to have held around 20 meetings with union officials, several of whom belong to trade unions affiliated to Labour.

Balfe says his role is to;

"to reassure them that we want to know them and that the days of Thatcher are past. That we want a good constructive relationship and that we are not out to get them."

Bitterly ironic that the Conservatives should criticise Labour for being dependant on the unions when Balfe says that the possibility of them funding Conservative candidates has been discussed 'on the margins'. However, in reality this is unlikely to happen and the reward that the Conservatives are looking for is in terms of propaganda kudos for it's 'progressive coalition'.

Balfe has a point when he says that the unions must be feeling 'unloved' by the Labour Party but will that really be another to persuade them to have an affair with Cameron's Conservatives. I think not.


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