Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Nuclear clean up cost soars

. One of the lynchpin arguments of the nuclear power lobby is that it is supposed to be, relative to other energy sources, economical. However, a story on the BBC this morning explodes that myth. It reports that the cost of cleaning-up the UK's ageing nuclear facilities, including some described as "dangerous", looks set to rise above £73bn.

Nineteen sites are due to be dismantled. At the largest site, Sellafield, on the Cumbrian coast, the BBC reporter says that he saw;

"one of the "ponds" in which an unknown mass of radioactive material was dumped in the 1950s. Beneath the unruffled surface of the water lies an unrecorded collection of rusting metal containers holding everything from nuclear fuel rods to radioactive waste."

Hardly a pretty picture. We can safely say that this source of energy is neither environmentally nor economically sound.


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