Wednesday, 28 May 2008

'No Platform' is dangerous nonsense

. Sunny Hundal is very upset on Liberal Conspiracy. The cause of his angst is the fact that the Daily Telegraph is hosting a blog by Richard Barnbrook, a British National Party councillor for London. It is very easy to set-up a blog and a 'My Telegraph' account - I did it earlier so clearly if the Telegraph were to deny Barnbrook a blog it would have to answer the question as to why it was doing this. Sunny is on safe ground when he says that some of Barnbrook's politics may well be in line with the editorial line of the Telegraph (though it's worth remembering that this 'line' is generally more sophisticated than the crude popularism of the Daily Mail).

Sunny says;

"Now, I don’t have a problem with letting the BNP speak or letting the assorted fascists exercise their legal and democratic rights.

So, let them advertise in the Ham and High. Let them speak at City Hall if they’re democratically elected. But giving them a platform on your website so they can spout their racial hatred? That’s quite different. That is a low, even for the Telegraph."

Since the Telegraph blogging platform is open the BNP could reasonably argue if they are kicked off it then that is a denial of their democratic rights. The more fuss that leftist bloggers make about them the more publicity receive and the more time we spend arguing against them being given a platform the better for the BNP because we are spending less time and energy exposing their ideas.

'No platforming' is the best publicity device the BNP could devise -it automatically places them outside the 'political establishment' which is a position that they relish and trade-off with those disaffected from politics. The left's inability and unwillingness to take the BNP head-on hints at a terrible timidity and weakness. One of the most positive things to come out of the debate on Liberal Conspiracy was that the replies showed a clear majority against 'no platform' which shows that the tide is turning against this way of dealing with the BNP; hopefully energy will be spent tackling them head-on.



Sunny said...

I think the 'no platform' device should become more sophisticated... not to a point where we embrace the BNP simply as political opponents.

Darrell G said...

Thanks for the reply Sunny...i read your piece and there was some in there that I can agree with...however, like it or not the BNP are our political opponents and they are not the National Front.

We have to box clever - and yes hold the BNP to account as if they were any other political opponent....thats the only way to succeed and discredit them in the eyes of the electorate and the wider community