Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Mental health costs 'to spiral'

. My second blog today about the projected rise in costs of something - an occurrence that makes me glad for the invention of the world spiral which at least means I can partially avoid the impression that this blog is a homage to the Lighthouse Family's song High. Again this story comes from the BBC - it reports that the cost of caring for people with mental health problems is set to rise from £47bn a year, compared with £22.5bn in 2007 according to the Kings Fund study.

This will be mainly due to a "predicted rise in the number of people with dementia". The study says; "early detection of mental problems and prompt therapy could help the wider economy by keeping those affected in work." Now, this is all well and good but I can't help wondering where this emphasis on prevention when it comes to tackling other mental health problems like depression and perhaps more urgently the alarming rise in instances of self-harm amoung young people. Would it be overly cynical to suggest that the reason that these problems don't receive the same attention is because of the relative lack of impact these problems have on the economy - ie, young people are often not fully-fledged economic 'units' in the way older people would be?

It is not an either/or equation - nobody is suggesting that dementia sufferers should be denied the resources that they need. Prevention is always better than having to administer a cure in the long-run and so it is with the multitude of problems caused by self-harm. The resources should be made available to tackle that problem too and the prevention ethos should be a central plank of government policy.



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