Sunday, 18 May 2008

Labour split on Crewe tactics

. Earlier I blogged about Ed Miliband's defence of Labour's tactics but there are signs tonight that adding to Labour's woes is a potentially damaging split within the party over the tactics that are being used. Should Crewe fail to return a Labour MP next Thursday it makes you wonder what the ramifications will be; one side will almost assuredly blame another and the prospect of damaging infighting breaking out into the open becomes a distinct possibility.

The Guardian reports that Harriet Harmen admitted that Labour's tactics were "not the most positive" when she was interviewed on BBC1's The Politics Show. Harmen tried to defend the campaign saying that; " most of the campaign is focusing on, you know, the good that has happened over the last ten years since Labour has been in government in Crewe and Nantwich and also our plans for the future."

Labour has also criticised the Conservatives saying that Conservative activists are pretending to be Labour activists. This is certainly true in one case that was chronicled on Iain Dale's Diary. He recounts the adventures of a Conservative activist who met the Labour candidate Tamsin Dunwoody and shared dinner with her on the pretence of being a Labour activist. All in-all it looks like both sides are fighting dirty to get hold of this seat.


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