Thursday, 8 May 2008

Hillary Step-Aside

. For my first post I give the cyber-floor over to a petition which I think is can sign at

The time has come.
Dear Senator Clinton,

Thank you for your hard-fought Presidential campaign. American democracy, and the Democratic Party in particular, requires the dynamic exchange of ideas that this primary season has brought. We are a stronger nation and party for your candidacy.

But the time for fighting has passed.

Due to Senator Obama’s numerous wins, overwhelming delegate lead, and strong support from unions and community groups, no realistic path remains for you to win the nomination. While it’s your right to continue this debate until the convention, we ask you to withdraw.

Your campaign has become increasingly negative, and we fear that you will damage our ability to win the general election this fall. Continuing your campaign will not only harm our party, but serve to further divide us as a nation as well.

You risk alienating the hundreds of thousands of new voters who have been brought into the political process, and you may undermine the goals of social justice and support for working families for which you have worked for so many years.

In light of that, we ask you to end your candidacy for President this week.

We look forward to your continued work in the Senate and your help in bringing truly progressive change to Washington this fall.

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