Sunday, 18 May 2008

Facebook has it's own House of Commons

. I joined an interesting looking Facebook group last night. This is not usually occasion for a fanfare as Facebook is pretty well know for it's extensive groupings. However, this one is worthy of note it seeks to establish a 'virtual' House of Commons composed of members of all political parties ranging from the far-left Respect to the far-right British National Party. It seems that there is quite a diverse spread of activists involved despite the group only currently having 317 members which at least should make for some interesting discussion.

Each grouping has it's own group of officers who qualify as 'MP's' for their party. Each party then has a leader; the 'House Speaker' nominate a series of policy proposals to be decided upon and then each group submits a proposal and explanation. A debating period then passes which is followed by a public vote; with the proposal with the most votes being passed. Of course, there are limitations imposed by the medium and a group of already committed activists can hardly be said to represent the will of the people.

Having said that the discussions should prove interesting and there will be regular updates here; currently the Liberal Democrat group has yet to elect it's leader. Lastly, a shameless plug for Letters from the Soul where I have been invited to guest blog so expect to see some of me there too.....


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