Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Edwards endorses Obama

. Surely it is all over now?? John Edwards has endorsed Barack Obama as the Democrat's Presidential nominee and may have effectively ended the nomination battle between Obama and Clinton. One of the major problems the Obama campaign thus far has been his inability to seriously swing blue-collar Democrat's behind his campaign. Worrying fissures have been appearing in the Democrat core vote and there are sign's that this could damage the party in November.

Exit polls out of West Virgina showed as much as 35% of Clinton's vote willing to turn against Obama in November and opt instead for John McCain. However, Edwards has wide-appeal amoung working class Democrat voters and his endorsement will be a significant boost to Obama's chances of making inroads into that demographic. He and other party leaders are starting to exert pressure on Clinton to quit the race to avoid damaging the prospects of the Democrat's in November.

All eyes will now be on Al Gore as the last party grandee left to declare for either candidate.


Anonymous said...

People should be required to read his book before voting for him. If they did, they would find out that he is no more liberal than David Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that Hillary has come this far, why would she give up now, when there's only a few primaries left? She has nothing to lose, and if Obama or his campaign makes some fatal mistake (like I believe they do, regarding how fanatical his supporters are), Hillary still has a chance.