Saturday, 31 May 2008

Democrats decide fate of Florida and Michigan

. The Democratic Party is meeting to decide the fate of two states whose delegates will not be seated at it's convention in August. Florida and Michigan were stripped of representation for holding their candidate contests in January, in violation of party rules.

Hillary Clinton's hopes of getting the nomination rest on whether the party will reverse its decision in the two states, which both strongly supported her. She won both states but neither candidate campaigned in either state and Barack Obama's name was not even on the ballot in Michigan. However, even if the committee award her every Florida and Michigan delegate she officially won in January's discounted elections, her net delegate boost would be just 43.

30 members of the Democratic party's rules and bylaws committee are meeting in the ballroom of a Washington hotel. They were greeted by about 200 protesters holding placards gathered chanting "Count our vote". Given the way the ballot was conducted awarding the delegates as is can hardly be considered democratic or fair - it is far more likely the committee will opt for a compromise which would most likely involve half the delegates being seated.


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