Thursday, 22 May 2008

Clinton has lost - Kagan

. The Hillary Clinton campaign is clearly in the denial stage of grief at losing it's once sure grip on the Democratic nomination. It is highly likely that Obama will be able to secure a majority of pledged delegates before the convention in August. However, her campaign soldiers on aided and abetted by the occasional big win. The political reality is though that she has lost and the only thing her campaign can achieve is to damage the Democrat's prospects of winning the White House.

Republicans increasingly recognise that Obama is the nominee and the latest one to do that is Robert Kagan who advises John McCain on foreign policy. In remarks reported on Sky News he said that;

"For several weeks now, it has been very clear who's going to win. I don't think anyone in the US really doubts that it's going to be Barack Obama."

He also highlighted the damage that Hilliary Clinton has done to Obama's candidacy;

"Barack Obama has shown vulnerabilities with certain types of voters in key states. Hillary Clinton has exposed those vulnerabilities," he said.

No matter what her supporters say Clinton's campaign has become increasingly self-serving and there is little justification for it to continue.


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