Monday, 26 May 2008

Class war and scepticism on Conservative Home

. Euroscepticism is dead, that is at least according to Richard North on the EU Referendum blog. However, do not despair (or indeed break out the bubbly) say the posters on C0nservative Home. Sally Roberts says;

"Euroscepticism is not dead, its just waiting for the platform of government to re-emerge. Eventually the UK is going to have to decide whether to adopt the Euro or not."

Clearly the posters are waiting for David Cameron to perform the role of knight-in-shining armour. Donal Blaney puts it thus;

"'hush now our little skeptics, all in good time, all in good time."

Littletwo also sees the role of a Cameron government as actively promoting euroscepticism;

"Assuming that an incoming Cameron Government remains broadly Eurosceptical, they would do well to expose, pointedly, every EU law which they have to enact......Honesty is what the public craves from its politicians. The measure would be popular and public opinion would swing, inexorably, to more active Euroscepticism."

Meanwhile, while the Conservatives made much of Labour's 'class war' tactics in Crewe but are busy fighting the class war for their own 'side' - against so-called 'liberal elites'. Conservative Home gives prominence to an article by Melanie Phillips' entitled 'Overclass values created the underclass'. Replying to a Sunday Times article by India Knight Phillips said;

"It was the champagne socialist intelligentsia which destroyed the traditional family, demonised men, incentivised mass fatherlessness and declared never-married motherhood an inalienable human right, emptied education of content and cut off the escape routes out of disadvantage by withering the grammar schools, declared morality to be a dirty word, paralysed the police through political correctness, enslaved the poor through dependency on the state and then finally destroyed their brains by telling them to eat cannabis cake while themselves showing the way by snorting cocaine on the Square Mile or in recording studios, or getting legless on Crackdaddy cocktails at Boujis nightclub."

So, on-top of contempt for lesbians, 'villain' bad parents, 'scruffy' teachers we have the carefully concealed attempt for Europe and the hatred of 'political correctness'. people who 'destroyed traditional family values' and so on; not much new about Cameron's Conservatives is there??



Anonymous said...

I shouldn't pay too great attention to Con Home. It's a place for all those feeling displaced by "Cameronism" to let off steam, pretend they're important and they're in the loving bosom of Hague.

Just because that weary body is disintegrating doesn't mean the brains of the operations aren't alive.

Darrell G said...

But if the people elect a Conservative government then this is what lies behind the cheery -media-savvy face of David Cameron is it not??

And it is interesting to see that their expectations are that a Cameron government will be 'broadly Eurosceptic' and I think that is a fair assumption...are you not expecting that yourself??

Also, see the voting records below...there are clear indications that Cameron remains a minority within his own party...and do you really expect local parties and their activists (who are more of the 'Con Home' stripe) to select candidates to change's not as if Cameron can charm every single local party like he did in Henley...