Friday, 16 May 2008

Claims child of 12 voted in local elections

. Police are investigating claims two children, 12 and 16, were allowed to vote in Cambridgeshire in this month's local elections. The votes were cast in the contest for the St Neots-Eynesbury ward of Huntingdonshire District Council.

The pair are alleged to have received voting cards by mistake and been allowed to vote on showing them. It was the Liberal Democrats, who failed to win the Conservative-held seat, that raised the complaint. However, it is not suggested that the votes changed the outcome of the election.

Huntingdonshire District Council's returning officer David Monks told the BBC:

"I have passed some material to the police, which they are investigating."

Amazingly, it does not seem to be a unique occurrence Trevor Amiss, the council's registration officer, said:

"We have a handful of reports at every election of people putting their children on the [registration] form without their dates of birth.

So, who do people think the two children are most likely to have voted for??


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mhuntbach said...

Every election seems to bring out these stories in the press "Oh look, stupid council, they've given a child the vote" (sometimes it's a dog). And next to them you have a photo of the the householder with a stupid grin on his face holding up the child/dog's poll card. That same householder who ought to be prosecuted for putting false information on the electoral registration form - because that's the only way the child/dog's name could actually have been put on the electoral register.